We have always worked with a wide network of international thought leaders and specialists in PSHE, SRE and CSE. We believe that, through sharing our ideas and constructive collaboration, we jointly progress the thinking and development of these topics.

We work especially closely with a small team of acknowledged experts. They help us design, build and deliver the content we use in our events and programmes. Each member of the team brings unique strengths and competencies;  one thing they all share is a deep passion for Comprehensive Sexuality Education and the beneficial impact it can bring to the lives of children and young people.

Susie March

Susie has worked exclusively with international schools for more than ten years. She has a wealth of experience from across the world in delivering Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) to students and running professional development training for staff. Her holistic and developmentally-appropriate approach to CSE is specific to internationals schools and the unique cultures within which they operate.

She supports and works with school leaders on policy development, curriculum planning and implementation, with the aim of improving CSE teacher training standards through professional development - making teachers confident and skilled in delivering an age-appropriate and whole school approach to the topic.  
A Council of International Schools (CIS) Affiliated Consultant, she collaborates with CIS, offering training on strategies for addressing the educational elements of the new Child Protection accreditation standards; these include physical abuse, grooming, online safety, commercial exploitation and disclosure.
Susie is a regular speaker and facilitator at educational conferences hosted by organisations such as ECIS, CIS, AAIE and TAISI.
Susie originally qualified in 1986 as a health professional within the UK’s National Health Service, and specialised in sexual health, women's health and family planning.

Founder, British/American, based in Munich, Germany

Yoan Tranholm Reed

Yoan is a qualified health professional and an independent CSE consultant with ten years' experience in the field of education delivering Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) to educational establishments through consultation, planning, implementation and review. She has experience of working within independent and international schools developing and maintaining client-based services with strong emphasis on assessment for learning and measurable outcome of learning through evolving evaluation methods.

Yoan received her formative education in Denmark, has lived in Australia and completed her higher education in UK with an MA in International Child Studies from King's College London with modules in International Child Protection, International Comparative Education, International Children's Rights, and Global Childhood.

Yoan is founder of Teaching Lifeskills and co-founder of OUTSPOKEN Sex Ed for Parents. She is an elected Advisory Board member on Sex Education Forum (SEF) at National Children's Bureau, member of PSHE Association and member of Family Planning Association in the UK.

Danish, based in London, United Kingdom

Cheryl Devine

Cheryl Devine is a qualified Public Health Consultant graduating from the University of York with a Master’s degree in Public Health. Cheryl has 15 years’ experience of school based health across schools in the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and the United States. She presented to a global audience on a suite of child protection topics and the International Child Protection Standards and Expectations at the AAIE Child Protection Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Cheryl’s key areas of expertise include alcohol and substance misuse, relationships and sexual health and emotional health and wellbeing. Cheryl has been instrumental in shaping school strategy and response around a number of issues such as substance misuse, comprehensive sexuality education and child exploitation. 


Cheryl has a particular interest in evidence based, whole school approaches to health and wellbeing and the impact this can have on academic achievement and student welfare. She developed one of the first holistic school based health centres in the United Kingdom with a particular focus on substance misuse and emotional wellbeing. She has designed and delivered comprehensive sexuality and substance misuse educational curriculums for children and young people ranging from age 4-25.


Having worked directly with vulnerable families and young people affected by substance misuse, Cheryl has a comprehensive understanding of some of the complex issues impacting on child protection and how to respond to those accordingly through policy, education, training and the whole school approach.

British, based in Bradford, United Kingdom

Cathy Main

Cathy is an experienced educator who has built her career at various international schools throughout Asia and Europe. She has coordinated and delivered Personal, Social and Health Education programmes to students of all ages at several different schools. She has most recently worked as a Pastoral Support teacher in Munich, Germany, offering advice and guidance to the Middle School students in her care. 


She recently graduated with a Master in International Education, focusing the majority of her work on issues affecting the wellbeing of international school students.

Cathy is passionate about the emotional and social health and welfare of young people and believes that students must be equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to have healthy, happy and respectful relationships throughout their lives. She has received extensive training in sexual health-related issues and has a wealth of experience delivering Relationships and Sexuality Education programmes.

Canadian, based in Barcelona, Spain

Boo Spurgeon

Boo is a highly regarded independent consultant. Previously, Boo was a Lead Professional for Sheffield Local Authority for PSHE and SRE, which included delivering the National Healthy Schools PSHE Continuing Professional Development.   She was Head of PSHE in a Sheffield school for a number of years, setting up a specialist department, and developing often ground-breaking lessons on sexual harassment, pornography, domestic abuse and healthy relationships.

Boo has contributed to the TES; had her students participate in a Twitter takeover for the Sex Education Forum; been filmed for good practice examples; had her department featured in two Stonewall good practice guides; trained many teachers and, each year, adds to the offer for Initial Teacher Training students, in Citizenship and Social Sciences, by training them in SRE at Sheffield Hallam University.

She is a passionate advocate for PSHE, and SRE in particular, nationally and internationally through collaborative work with various organisations.  

British, based in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Jennifer Shevket

Jennifer graduated from a UK university with a BA(Hons) in Nursing and qualified as a Registered General Nurse (RGN). She worked as a hospital-based registered nurse at Guy’s Hospital (UK), the Uniklinikum Wuerzburg (Germany) and University of Michigan (USA). In Germany, she held the role of school nurse at the Munich International School. Now based in the US, she holds an active Illinois State Registered Nurse license

Her family, of three children, all attended the international schools of Turin (Italy) and Munich (Germany).

She now works with international schools to develop, improve and exceed expectations in all aspects of health and wellness for students, families and staff. The goal being to ensure safe, comprehensive treatments and referrals are made on a consistent basis.

She believes the school nurse is required to be mindful of the role of the school, as well as their own obligations as a health professional; being able to draw on ‘best practice’ and having comprehensive protocols are invaluable.

American/British, based in Illinois, USA

Jodie Rawlings

After graduating from Bath University with a BSc (Hons) in Biology, Jodie Rawlings trained as a Science Teacher at the Institute of Education, London.  Since qualifying as a teacher, she has worked at several schools in London as a Science Teacher and more recently as the Head of Key Stage 5. 

She is personally committed to the development and delivery of a comprehensive sexuality education.  This passion started at University, where she took on the role of Welfare & Student Support Manager for Oxford International, building and running a Student Advice Bureau and ensuring the compliance of welfare policies amongst staff. This continued in her full-time teaching career, where she designed her own content for Personal, Social, Health, Sex and Relationship education for the school’s students.

Jodie further developed this content-building expertise by successfully designing relevant and engaging CSE, PSHE and SRE schemes-of-work at the national level.

Jodie has been collaborating with SMC to develop unique and innovative CSE schemes-of-work to fit within the international school curriculum. After very positive pilots, SMC plan to officially distribute more of Jodie’s work to the international CSE community.

British, based in Cornwall, United Kingdom

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