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Data driven Student Voice can transform curriculum

Research snapshot

Data driven Student Voice can transform curriculum

This research snapshot shows the potential of the “student voice” to guide schools towards developing a curriculum that better responds to young peoples’ needs and can prevent future harm to themselves and others.

Through a study by Susie March Consulting (“Using Student Voice Data to drive CSE in International School contexts” – 2024), schools and educators can be usefully informed about how to connect student feedback with Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) concepts. Using their own Student Voice data, schools can push topics back into the school’s CSE related curriculum and create invaluable life-long learning for students and their ongoing safety.

Dr Martha Ross / Susie March

25th 27th April 2024

Windsor, UK


Leadership Conference 2024

This conference promises to be an inspiring journey as we unpack the how ‘Living Your Mission’ can create a ripple effect of positive and lasting change in our schools and communities.

Your mission is a powerful change-agent: how to combine it with Student Voice to drive CSE

Presented by Dr Martha Ross and Susie March


7th- 8th May 2024


Council of International Schools

Child Protection Foundation Workshop

Develop your understanding of the key risks and realities relating to child protection and safeguarding within international school communities.

Strand B: Prevention & response—Understanding and responding to online harm, identity-based harm, and harm in the home, and supporting and educating young people to develop healthy relationships.

Affluent neglect, child sexual abuse, online grooming, and peer-on-peer abuse—these are just a few of the workshop topics you’ll explore as you seek to create safer environments for your students.


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