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Cheryl Devine


Cheryl Devine is a qualified Public Health Consultant graduating from the University of York with a Master’s degree in Public Health. Cheryl has 15 years’ experience of school based health across schools in the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia and the United States. She presented to a global audience on a suite of child protection topics and the International Child Protection Standards and Expectations at the AAIE Child Protection Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cheryl’s key areas of expertise include alcohol and substance misuse, relationships and sexual health and emotional health and wellbeing. Cheryl has been instrumental in shaping school strategy and response around a number of issues such as substance misuse, comprehensive sexuality education and child exploitation.

Cheryl has a particular interest in evidence based, whole school approaches to health and wellbeing and the impact this can have on academic achievement and student welfare. She developed one of the first holistic school based health centres in the United Kingdom with a particular focus on substance misuse and emotional wellbeing. She has designed and delivered comprehensive sexuality and substance misuse educational curriculums for children and young people ranging from age 4-25.

Having worked directly with vulnerable families and young people affected by substance misuse, Cheryl has a comprehensive understanding of some of the complex issues impacting on child protection and how to respond to those accordingly through policy, education, training and the whole school approach.

British, based in Bradford, United Kingdom

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