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Jennifer Shevket


ennifer graduated from a UK university with a BA(Hons) in Nursing and qualified as a Registered General Nurse (RGN). She worked as a hospital-based registered nurse at Guy’s Hospital (UK), the Uniklinikum Wuerzburg (Germany) and University of Michigan (USA). In Germany, she held the role of school nurse at the Munich International School. Now based in the US, she holds an active Illinois State Registered Nurse license

Her family, of three children, all attended the international schools of Turin (Italy) and Munich (Germany).

She now works with international schools to develop, improve and exceed expectations in all aspects of health and wellness for students, families and staff. The goal being to ensure safe, comprehensive treatments and referrals are made on a consistent basis.

​She believes the school nurse is required to be mindful of the role of the school, as well as their own obligations as a health professional; being able to draw on ‘best practice’ and having comprehensive protocols are invaluable.

American/British, based in Illinois, USA

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