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Working with the School's Health Office

For schools looking to seamlessly integrate health services into their culture, working with this on-site team is vital to the Whole School Approach.

Influence school policy and decision making on student health and well-being strategies


The department is required to give clear advice to students and know when, or if, parental involvement is required.


All protocols must reflect local alcohol, drug and age of consent laws whilst being culturally sensitive in the way such issues are managed.

Clearly their role should be reflected in CSE policy and in day-to-day school practise.

Health Office services: Design & Implementation and Review & Audit

​We offer services aimed at creating a new department or auditing an existing office.


To create a new office, we would include…

  • Setting up a first aid room where confidential advice, care and treatment can be given in a safe environment

  • Reviewing or developing protocols for life threatening allergies and the necessary dissemination of information

  • Medication and storage of medicines on campus

  • License requirements for staff administering medications/procedures/dressings/giving advice

  • Protocols for various diseases, infestations and contagious infections

  • Student requests for sexual health including contraceptives or pregnancy counselling

  • Substance abuse: identify alcohol and drug abuse and refer to appropriate treatment and support

  • Mental health: identify mental health issues such as anxiety, anorexia, depression and referral to appropriate treatment and support

  • Student medical records archiving

  • Input into the development of school wellness policies

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