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Our client projects

We work exclusively with international schools and academic institutions, with many years of continuous engagement, acting as a trusted advisor to their leadership teams.


Below are examples of recent and notable assignments within the institutions. References can be provided upon request.

School moving from exceptional isolated work to a “Whole School Approach”

A school with an existing comprehensive pastoral education program, but looking to deliver a more holistic approach to CSE. We collaborated with the team to develop a documented ‘Whole School Approach’ curriculum with a linking policy. This involved preparatory work; online survey of staff covering confidence, experience and hopes for the day and review of existing program with health teachers, principals and counsellors and homeroom teachers – an excellent range of attendees. Over several days we worked with different group sizes and constituents. This was an opportunity for staff to plan curriculum by exploring existing the programme, identify gaps, acknowledging best practice and delve into new resources. We also worked one-to-one with the pastoral lead exploring audit and developing CSE policy. We delivered parent information sessions on sexualisation and pornography.


A school committed to CSE and PSHE and wanting staff to step up, take on and own the mission

A school we have worked with for many years, delivering workshops to their students and information evenings to their parents have looked to expand their program by delivering regular sessions themselves throughout the school year. We were asked to assist them to write policy, design curriculum and the biggest challenge – prepare the staff for the work ahead. Within the small group taking part in the PD day, were staff members with very varied levels of competence and confidence. Focus for the day was on exploring how our own attitudes and values could adversely impact on delivery of CSE; practising dealing with difficult questions and situations; using inquiry methods to deliver meaningful messages within CSE


A school needing guidance and strategy following a trauma

Following a Safeguarding incident at the school, met with the Board, leadership team and faculty to best determine the needs of the students and parents to allay fears. We worked with external agencies to ensure best practice, local statutory regulations met; provide parents information on their role in the education and safety of their children; deliver age-appropriate workshops to educate students to keep themselves safe without unduly increasing existing anxieties; signposting to local and international helplines for all concerned. We then worked on ongoing development of a CSE programme within the school.


Managing cultural clashes with national statutory guidelines

School was obliged to comply with statutory requirement to deliver CSE. However there was strong pushback from vocal elements of the international community, since the local providers were too explicit in their approach. We identified and adapted to their needs - age and developmentally appropriate materials – which also met their legal obligations. We combined this with delivery of small, inquiry based, sessions to all grade levels - this provided the local staff with examples of good delivery of the new content.


Addressing requirements for the new Reaccreditation standards

A large school spread over two campuses wishing to implement significant change ahead of new accreditation standards. They wanted to do more just to implement a “programme” – they wanted to take the opportunity to embed CSE as a part of Safeguarding within the culture of the school. This required a week -long initial visit initially to complete preparatory work; liaison with key faculty to establish agenda for visit; individual onsite meetings with all currently involved with delivery. Then move to implementation with a ‘Labsite’ delivery of workshops - identification of age appropriate resources for K-12; curriculum mapping and draft CSE policy development; Identifying and planning future Professional Development needs and further action plans.

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