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Kathleen O'Neill


Kathleen graduated from the University of Toronto, Canada, with an Honours BA in Women’s History and English Literature. She then went on to earn a BA in Education from Charles Sturt University, and has subsequently taught students aged 5-18 all over the globe. For the past 13 years, Kathleen has been enjoying teaching internationally in the UAE, Japan, Saudi Arabia, China and Singapore. Kathleen has a Certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University and a diploma in Creative
Pedagogy from the Council for Creative Education in Finland. Most recently, Kathleen was awarded a Master of International Education from Queen’s University, Canada.

Kathleen’s interest in developing curriculum for and teaching sexuality education programs grew over the past ten years throughout her experience in international schools. Kathleen noticed gaps in curriculum and missed essential learning opportunities for students, negatively impacting their self esteem and wellbeing.
Kathleen earned a post-graduate certificate in Sexual Health Education from the University of Alberta’s faculty of Rehabilitative Medicine in 2020. Kathleen has also received additional training in teaching sexuality education from Brook in the UK, and Sexual Health Victoria, Australia.

Kathleen was invited to speak at the Cambridge Assessment International Schools East Asia conference in 2019 for the work she did to create and implement a sexuality education curriculum for a school of 2700 students in Hangzhou, China. Kathleen researched, designed and delivered a program satisfying the local Chinese government regulations, as well as British National Curriculum PSHE standards to cater to the needs of the diverse student population across ages 9-18. Kathleen also led many parent/guardian information sessions to build relationships and bridge gaps in understanding.

Kathleen has taught sexuality education in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Hangzhou, China and Singapore. Kathleen believes strongly in consent education, and has taught successful units in China and Singapore to diverse groups of students aged 9-18. Whilst in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Riyadh, Kathleen volunteered for Girl Rising, an organisation which raises funds and awareness for girls education in the developing world. Kathleen thrives on balancing cultural sensitivity as well as empowering young people with the comprehensive sexuality education they need to make informed decisions about their personal health and lives.

Based in Brisbane, Australia

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