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Susie March Consulting

We are...

Providers of specialist educational services for the implementation and delivery of  Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE/RSE) and Personal, Social, Health & Education (PSHE) programmes, working exclusively in international schools and colleges across Asia, the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our aim is to...

  • Empower and support school leadership teams to implement and develop their own context-appropriate CSE programmes

  • Encourage Student Voice, promote parental engagement and connect CSE principles with child protection and life-long learning

  • Train and coach staff to become confident, proficient, and motivated facilitators of CSE

  • Provide multi-year ongoing support to schools as they roll out their CSE programme - including help with content selection, developing policies and procedures, as well as regular online or onsite training.

  • Support the school's implementation, by working directly with their students, parents and faculty  

We collaborate closely with the field’s thought leaders, such as the Council of International Schools (CIS), the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) and the UK's Sex Education Forum.


Our methods and content are adapted to local regulations, culture and customs; it is based upon best practices from state and private institutions.

Who we are
We offer... 

for teachers, counselors and CSE/PSHE specialists...

Bespoke training for teachers to develop knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering CSE in the classroom, with particular focus on addressing the relevant requirements set out in the CIS New Standards for Accreditation.

Training in an active learning environment, typically in a workshop style.

for schools administration and faculty teams...

Guidance on the development and implementation of a comprehensive "Sex Education" policy - based on CSE/PSHE principles - using a Whole School Approach, including remote reviews of current curriculum and policy. 


Typical topics are experiential learning processes; curriculum content; appropriate use of resources; strategies for managing sensitive and controversial issues; handling 'disclosure' and compliant reporting procedures.

for students and parents...

Well planned, age appropriate workshops and classes, delivered with a careful and considered approach, working with the school to integrate them into their busy timetable - complemented by information evenings, offered to parents and interested teachers. 

What we do
We believe in...


  • Adopting a Whole School Approach to CSE

  • Collaboration with parents

  • Age-appropriate content at all times

  • Emphasis on relationships and staying safe

  • Encourage all young people to delay sexual activity and help them to deal with the pressure to become sexually active

  • Enabling students to better understand the nature of human relationships

  • Enabling students to see the importance of stable loving relationships for the bringing up of children

  • Preparing students for the changes that occur to their bodies, minds and emotions as a consequence of growth from childhood to adulthood 

  • Enabling students to make good, informed choices concerning relationships and healthy lifestyles.


  • Sexual health resilience can help young people understand consent, their own rights and what support is available.Providing students with the knowledge to access local support services

  • Supporting the well-being of your staff and students who are LGBTQIA, and thereby contribute to better academic outcomes 

  • Variety of interactive and inclusive teaching methods. Mainly workshop based

  • Exploring, considering and understanding moral dilemmas

  • Developing an understanding of the consequences of choices made

  • Providing young people with the knowledge to protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections or diseases (STI/STDs) and unplanned pregnancy 

  • Autonomous and safe users of new media

  • Valuing diversity and anti-discriminatory practice 

Our partners
Council of International Schools
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Where we work
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