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Council of International Schools

Child Protection Foundation Workshop  | VIRTUAL
4th - 6th November 2020

Susie March is a member of the speaker team at the CIS Child Protection workshops for Implementing New Accreditation Standards for Child Protection.


Foundation Workshop
This two-day CIS Child Protection Foundation Workshop provides you with an overview of key topics relating to child protection and safeguarding within international school communities. It enables your school leaders and counsellors to both build new and strengthen existing child protection and safeguarding systems in your schools. You will explore the information and tools necessary to comply with international safeguarding standards and accreditation frameworks and will start thinking about how you can take action so that your school can better prevent, identify early and manage appropriately all forms of harm and abuse to which your students may be exposed.

Future dates and format to be advised

Link to registration and further details on CIS's website

International School Counselors Association

Counselor Chat:  Managing Transition Season during the Pandemic

8th May 2020 

K-12 Counselor Chat

Come share and gather ideas about your transition activities during the pandemic. This will be a live conversation among counselors addressing: 

  • What are you doing for your grade 5-6 transition? 

  • What is your school doing for graduation? And promotion ceremonies?

  • Students leaving. What will you do to support students and parents? 

  • Teachers leaving. What will you do to celebrate and recognize teachers leaving your schools?


A Focus on Seniors with Susie March


Potentially unprepared for the realities of adulthood, our transitioning Seniors will leave school in the coming weeks: What can we do to help them? 

The last months at school are often a time for consolidating previous Social Emotional and Life Skills classes. Many of us planned to build on previous discussions around attitudes and positive values. This would have included conversations that prepared young people for life within a new country’s culture, at college or university, and far from their families.

How can we ensure our Seniors have acquired the skills that will contribute to safe, healthy and positive relationships - ones that shape their attitudes for their new adult lives? 

Join Susie March for a chat on ‘Signposting’ – a session about directing people to the right information on services or self-care resources that young people can access independently.

Susie will provide links to resources that international school counselors can evaluate for their own students and parents.

The discussion to follow will focus on maintaining cultural sensitivity, but still meeting the essential needs of young adults as they leave home.

Link to ISCA Webinar webpage

2020 ISCA Annual Conference, Autumn 2020

Bangkok, Thailand

Susie March - Presenter: "Upskilling Counselors: Strengthening Your Practice"

ISCA Annual Conferences are dedicated to providing attendees with the most relevant, focused, hands-on experiences that will help international school counselors build strong counseling programs while being a contributing member of the professional international school counselor community. At ISCA, our conferences based on best practice and use the International Model for School Counseling as our framework for school counseling programs.


Follow this link to find out more about the conference 

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